According to ISIS media wing, Amaq, two ISIS suicide bombers

ISIS Did It Again!ISIS claimed responsibility for the Kabul suicide bombings that left at least 80 dead and more than 200 injured in the Afghan capital, Saturday.According to ISIS media wing, Amaq, two ISIS suicide bombers detonated their suicide belts among the protesters.Before https://www.cheapcanadagoose.net the blasts, thousands of minority Shiite Hazaras were peacefully demonstrating in the streets near the Afghan Parliament building and Kabul University. But twin blasts suddenly hit the crowd, dispersing the demonstrators as they ran for safety.The aftermath was devastating as dead bodies sprawled in the streets and blood was scattered everywhere.Fatima Faizi, an Afghan freelance journalist, said saw tens of people laying down in blood around me and hundreds of people running away from the scene. Minority group, Hazaras, launched the protest demanding that key power transmission line pass through their electricity starved Bamyan province.US Condemns Kabul Suicide BombingsJohn Kirby, the US Assistant Secretary and US Department Spokesperson, issued statements today in Washington DC condemning the suicide bombings in Afghanistan.He said, send our deepest condolences to the loved ones of those killed and injured, and we offer President Ghani whatever assistance he may require as his government investigates and works to bring the murderers to justice.

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