Al-Burhan: “Sudan wasted many years at a time when the world was developing.”

El Fasher: Nabd News

The President of the Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant-General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, thanked all those who were keen to honor the inauguration ceremony of the governor of Darfur today, merciful to all the martyrs of Sudan, who confirmed that without them, such a celebration would not have been held today, and he sent his thanks to the states of South Sudan and Chad for participating in peace.
Emphasizing in his speech in El Fasher not to raise arms again, pointing out that they want to build Sudan through peace with the conviction of everyone, and he said that all Sudanese were living in peace and that they wanted to preserve peace by presenting the public interest, stressing their full knowledge of the suffering of the displaced and refugees, and he said that the duty is to restore peace. dignity to them so that they can enjoy their full rights.
He stressed that the covenant is with the Sudanese people to protect peace with their blood and not to have the sacrifices of the martyrs be in vain, noting that today’s celebration means that all the people of the region govern themselves and benefit from their resources, revealing the beginning of the security arrangements from tomorrow and the development of the joint forces, and said that they want to establish a state Citizenship, justice and equality, emphasizing their keenness to implement peace, appealing to Abdulaziz Al-Hilu and Abdel-Wahid Mohamed Nour to seek peace, and said that Sudan has wasted many years at a time when the world is developing, stressing harnessing the capabilities of the armed forces to develop and develop Darfur.

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