Dismantling Prosecution releases three detained merchants

Khartoum: Pulse News

The Public Prosecution Office for the Removal of Empowerment, Fighting Corruption and Recovering Public Funds released three of the arrested major merchants, after confirming that they were infected with the Corona virus.

Among those released was A.H., a major importer of sugar in the country. He had been under investigation for some time and had previously been arrested as part of a campaign of fat cats launched by the director of security and intelligence in the ousted regime, and he was released at that time in exchange for a settlement of 150 million pounds.

And the Committee for the Removal of Empowerment and the Recovery of Public Funds held a press conference in the evening (Sunday) in which it announced the seizure of 90 bank accounts through which (64) trillion pounds are traded.

A senior source at the Empowerment Removal Prosecution said that the Public Prosecution decided to release 3 people after confirming that they were infected with Corona, and added that there are people who may be released after the results of the final examinations appear, indicating that ethics, mercy and good measure to ward off the risks of a deadly disease are presented to justice.


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