Accidents and crime

New details in the trial of the terrorist People’s Security Cell

Khartoum – Muhammad Musa

Investigations revealed that the former head of the Military Intelligence, Lieutenant-General Mustafa Muhammad Mustafa, and the former director of military security, Major General Pensioned Seddik Sayed Ahmed, are accused in the case of the People’s Terrorist Security Cell, and he faces (27) defendants in the case, including the former Minister of Minerals in the former era Kamal Abdel The gentle.

The detective, a police colonel in the Central Investigations, Muhammad Abdul Hakim, told the court that the Rapid Support Forces, which reported the case, were able to arrest an armed group inside a secret house in the Taif area – east of Khartoum, and seized a second-floor weapon store containing weapons, ammunition, communications equipment, and military uniforms.

The investigator read out before the court the statements of (11) of the defendants, and some of them admitted their statements, while others denied some of them and admitted others. Water, security breaches, and gangs of niggers, and that they receive a monthly incentive of between (1000-2500) pounds for this.

For its part, the Special Court, held at the Judicial Sciences Training Institute in Arkawit, headed by Judge Anas Abdel Qader Fadl Al-Mawla, convicted the 27th accused, former head of the Intelligence Authority, Lieutenant-General Mustafa Muhammad Mustafa, to travel abroad for the purpose of treatment.

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