Thimrat Manager: Banks and telecommunications companies were unable to deliver remittances to beneficiaries

Khartoum: Pulse News

Dr. confirmed. Mutassim Ahmed Saleh, director of the Sudanese Families Support Program, Thimarat, has registered 2.2 million families so far, while about 800,000 families have been paid. He explained that by the end of this month, there will be payments, bringing the number of families that will receive support to about one million and 224 thousand families. Dr. pointed out. Mutasim due to challenges that caused delays in the registration and payment processes, including the lack of readiness of banks and telecom companies to deliver payments to citizens.
Dr. confirmed. Mutasem said that the program transferred all the entitlements of citizens who were registered to banks and telecommunications companies, but due to the existence of internal problems related to the ability of these entities to transfer payments, they did not reach their beneficiaries, in addition to the fact that data verification processes take time, in addition to the lack of sufficient points for telecommunications companies to disburse the amounts .
The director of Thimarat said that despite the challenges facing the implementation stages of the program, there is a relative improvement in the payment processes for about 70% of the targeted families.

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