The director of Al-Neelain University refuses to meet with medical students

Khartoum: Fadwa Khazraji
Hundreds of Al-Neelain University medical students staged a vigil inside the college buildings to denounce the decision of the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Al-Neelain University, which suspended studies at the faculty indefinitely. With the dismissal of the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Sana Al-Taher, and then the students moved from the building of the Faculty of Medicine to the administration headquarters of Al-Neelain University, and the students stormed the building with chants of “Tonight, we only return to the director’s appearance.”

Representatives of the students entered the director of the university in his office and asked him to go out to address the protesters, but he refused. He replied, “I don’t go out to medical students.” This appears in the administrative vacuum, and the note stated, “There are academic problems represented in the lack of halls and the accumulation of payment. At the present time, there are six active batches in the college who share four rooms that narrow them down, in addition to the administration’s failure to issue a schedule for dividing those halls on payment, which caused students to be constantly confused, especially In the presence of maintenance and construction work, the College Association was forced to address these tasks in order to run the educational process from distribution, coordination and others.
Reem Seif Al-Dawla, a member of the Student Association at the Faculty of Medicine, Al-Neelain University, painted a bleak picture of the conditions in the college and said that the members of the association are setting the schedules of lectures and exams with the approval of the university administration, in addition to making any administrative decisions related to the academies and exams, and confirmed that the exams are placed in the wrong way.

Source: the newspaper

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