2898 doctors sit for the specialty exam, August session next Saturday

Khartoum: Pulse News

The Secretary-General of the Council of Medical Specialties, Dr. Ahmed Farah Shadoul reported that 2898 doctors sat for the first part exam in 15 specialties next Saturday at 7 am at the Sudan University of Science and Technology distributed in 7 centers, 2 of them outside Sudan, pointing out that the Khartoum Center is the largest in terms of the number of examinees.

He pointed out that for the first time, exams are held electronically, and this is an experience that is not easy, and he described the step as development in the field of exams for obtaining specialization.

Shadoul considered the Council of Specializations as the only university for medical and health studies and specializations in Sudan, and the beginning was with 6 specializations, pointing out that there are more than 7800 deputy specialists in various specialties, noting that 35% of the representatives work in the states and they will be raised to 50% by the end of the year.

He pointed out that 8,160 specialists working inside and outside the country have been graduated and are considered qualified and valued abroad, whether in the Arab or Western world.

He said that examination fees are set by the Ministry of Finance in consultation with the Council, adding that they are very simple compared to the cost of training.


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