The Federal Health stresses the importance of defining a list of the most important diseases common to humans and animals

Khartoum: Nabad News
The Undersecretary of the Federal Ministry of Health, Dr. Yousra Muhammad Othman, stressed the importance of identifying a list of the most important diseases common to humans and animals, which have priority in terms of having the most impact on human health and livestock.
Addressing the workshop on identifying priority zoonotic diseases within the One Health, Othman announced her ministry’s commitment to the workshop’s outputs.

The Undersecretary of Agriculture and Livestock, Professor Amal Al-Mahi, said that the danger of common diseases lies in the speed of their spread.

The representative of the World Health Organization in Sudan, Dr. Neama Abed, revealed that 70% of emerging diseases are of animal origin and affect health, livestock and even food safety within the framework of a single health.
Abed noted that the workshop aims to identify between 6 to 7 priority common diseases among the list of 41 diseases, considering them the most affecting human and animal health, and then develop action plans to control them. He emphasized that the presence of donors is evidence of the success of the workshop.

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