A campaign to urge the citizens of Khartoum to register in the “Thumarat” program

Khartoum: Pulse News

The Director General of the Ministry of Social Development in Khartoum, Dr. Abu Bakr Koko is a victim, about a major media campaign that will start the day after tomorrow in the state of Khartoum and will last for a week to urge citizens to register in the “Thamrat” program and benefit from the support provided to families and individuals.
He directed the victim of the Civil Registry Department and the executive director to expedite the extraction of the national number for the citizens of the villages and rural areas of the state and weekly detailed reports on the status of citizens’ registration and the payments that were made, denying rumors that the project’s time period had been reduced to six months instead of a year.
Today’s victim, “Thursday”, chaired the joint coordination meeting of the higher project committees in the localities, which included executive directors, program coordinators, services and change committees, directors of social development departments and those who entered in the localities. Those in charge of the program in the localities are aware of their role in following up on its progress and overcoming the obstacles it faces in order to achieve its goals for which it was set, and not paying attention to rumors that aim to undermine the transitional government and question its credibility with the citizens.

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