A leader by removing empowerment regrets and clarifies the truth about the daughter of Wajdi Saleh

Khartoum: Nabad News

A leader in the Empowerment Removal Committee expressed his deep regret over the rumor that was launched against the committee member’s daughter, Wajdi Saleh.

He considered, in a statement to Nabd News, this Saturday evening, that what was circulated was a false and slanderous talk that had nothing to do with reality, denying the purchase of a car by the family of Wajdi Saleh, and said that this rumor aims to stop the work of the committee by questioning the integrity of its leaders, and added: I swear to God Wajdi Saleh is an extremely honest man. And he does not have money, as some accuse him.”

Pointing out that the committee is facing a fierce war with the aim of weakening it and attacking the revolution from the fact that it represents the strongest of its crops.

He called on supporters of the revolution not to believe rumors and to communicate with the committee to find out the facts.

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