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Arrest of a criminal network that seized the equipment and equipment of a mining company in the North

Khartoum: Pulse News

The General Department of Criminal Investigation and Investigation, through the Northern State Investigation Department, succeeded in seizing a criminal network consisting of two people specialized in stealing mining companies’ equipment and equipment.

Returning to the details of the report, the follow-up of the police press office reported that there was information available to the state branch that there was mining equipment stolen from a mining company in the northern state of Delgo, and that the shipment was loaded in a Dfar vehicle and on its way to Khartoum.

As a result, a tight plan was drawn up to trap the elements of the network, where the path taken by the vehicle was determined on its way to its last destination, and an ambush was set up at a specific point where the detective force was located, which resulted in the seizure of the car, the subject of the communication, led by the accused and with another person loaded with empty jerrycans and inside it there are equipment The stolen items consisted of (one stone crusher, 3 crusher shutters, gearbox wagon and its accessories, 2 generator 3 line, 2 half-horse motorcycle, 2 coil machine, one electric regulator, door seat, 2 Jack Hummer, 3 crusher poles, 8 crusher deals, iron cruiser cart, 2 iron sheets 2 breaker valves, one safe locker door, 7 gas tubes, one iron box, one boxcar wing, water pump, gas seat).

Accordingly, the vehicle and the accused were taken to the Souk Libya Police Department and a report was taken against them with the number 1482 under Article 68/100. 175/174/143/142.

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