Copts affirm support for democratic transformation and an inclusive Sudan

Khartoum: Pulse News

The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk said that one of the worst legacies of the former regime was the systematic hostility of the Sudanese, which prompted some of them to emigrate, praising the important national role of the Copts in all issues of the country in various eras.
Hamdok met today, in his office headed by the Council of Ministers, a delegation from the Coptic community, and stressed the need to turn the pluralism and diversity that Sudan enjoys into a source of strength, reiterating that the transitional period requires concerted efforts and the participation of all the forces of the revolution, and his sovereignty appealed to all Sudanese abroad to rally around Sudan and return to those who were able “Sudan needs all its sons,” he added.
A member of the delegation, Dr. Nasri Morcos, in a press statement, said that during the meeting, the Prime Minister expressed his approval of the invitation presented to him to meet a large number of the Coptic community in the Coptic Club.
The head of the Evangelical Community Council, Eng. Raafat Samir, explained that the meeting aims to confirm the support of the Coptic community in Sudan for a democratic transition, a smooth transition, and the transition to a civil, democratic government and a Sudan that includes all, noting that the delegation affirmed its readiness as a Coptic community and Sudanese as an authentic part of this country to contribute with all their economic, knowledge and scientific capabilities to support the transition. For a new Sudan in which everyone enjoys equal citizenship rights, pointing out that the delegation conveyed the support of Copts at home and abroad to the transitional government in its orientation to build a new Sudan, and to discuss possible efforts to assist in the return of those who emigrated because of what they were subjected to from previous regimes.

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