Rashid Saeed: “We seek to control websites by law”

Khartoum: Pulse News
First Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture and Information, Rashid Saeed Yaqoub, said that the ministry seeks to control and oblige websites to adhere to professional and professional standards and to control them according to laws based on the conditions the country is going through.

Addressing a forum, he pointed out, “Who makes public opinion? and for whom? And how..the war of electronic rooms,” which was organized by Mada Media Center for Press Services in cooperation with the National Council for Press and Press Publications in the Ministry’s hall today, indicated that websites have become platforms for spreading false news and spreading hate speech, stressing his ministry’s intention to amend the electronic publishing law to keep pace with developments, pointing to the importance of the workshop that The Ministry relies on it to come up with recommendations that it appoints to amend the Informatics Law.
The Secretary-General of the National Council for Press and Press Publications, Hossam El-Din Haidar, stressed that the stage the country is going through requires responsible publication, accuracy and professional commitment, praising the role played by civil society organizations in curbing phenomena that harm society, describing the emergence of hate speech as harming and affecting the transition. The country’s politician, pointing out that this workshop is important for press and media workers, and pointed to the council’s endeavor to develop laws that regulate the profession of journalism, and work to improve the environment in which the journalist works, especially as the role of the press is growing in a democratic society.

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