Renewal of the memory of the Asmara peace agreement in Kassala

Khartoum: Nabad News

On the 14th of October, the Olympic Stadium in Kassala will witness the celebration of the anniversary of the signing of the East Sudan Peace Agreement, which was concluded in Eritrea in 2006.

The components of the Eastern Front, led by the Free Lions and the Beja Congress, recall the anniversary of the signing of the agreement with the former regime, which put an end to military operations between government forces and Eastern Front fighters who took up arms in the mid-nineties of the last century in protest against the marginalization of the Eastern Province.

Although the agreement succeeded in silencing the voice of the gun and providing an opportunity for relative participation of the people of the East in the administration of Sudan, in conjunction with the implementation of service and development projects, the terms of the agreement were not fully implemented on the ground by the government of the former regime for not fulfilling the financial commitments it had undertaken at the time in a conference Donors in Kuwait and as stated in the agreement.
After the removal of the Islamist regime, eastern Sudan witnessed many changes, particularly after the signing of the Juba Peace Agreement, which some support and others reject. Muhammad Ahmad and Amna Dirar, the diversity of the region.

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