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The former Attorney General..absence from the spirit of fellowship lesson!

Written by: Friend Ramadan

When my colleague Ali al-Dali was attacked by members of the Military Intelligence, all journalist colleagues rallied with him, even those who have a political dispute with him, and he is one of the most prominent young fighters in the era of the former regime.
And when fellow journalist Muhannad Al-Sheikh was also arrested, a wide range of pro-revolution colleagues interacted with him, even though he was affiliated with the former regime, and he sympathized with him because he was from the same tribe of journalists.

And when the young Hossam El-Din was appointed Secretary-General of the Press and Publications Council, he received congratulations and blessings from most colleagues, even those who had a say in how he was chosen.

Not far from the three examples, when journalist Hamza Balloul was appointed Minister of Culture and Information, Faisal Muhammad Salih, the former minister, was the first to congratulate him.

This behavior falls within the framework of the spirit of fellowship, which is considered sacred by all other sectors, including engineers, doctors, soldiers, merchants, football players and others.

At the same time, it is considered professional nervousness, which is also a good thing and is better than tribal nervousness.

Based on everything I mentioned, it was natural for me to be bewildered and astonished while reading a statement by the former Attorney General, Taj al-Sir al-Hab, which came far from tact and diplomacy.

A statement that I miss the spirit of collegiality that the justice sector is famous for in Sudan, and it has nothing to do with the professional fanaticism that pushes the person with pure intentions to defend his colleague, even if he is sometimes wrong.

The man, after claiming professionalism and respect for the law, indicated to The Next Day newspaper that the case of the Chinese company (Fu Hong) before the judicial authorities is in the investigation and investigation stage in preparation for putting the file before the judiciary.

He went in another direction. I wished to be satisfied with his first statement. Rather, he called on the sovereign bodies to hurry in appointing the Attorney General and the Chief of the Judiciary and to complete other institutions such as the Constitutional Court and the Legislative Council so that the justice system in general would be completed in order to be held accountable before judicial bodies and not in front of newspapers, despite the importance of newspapers and the media for acquiring information for public opinion.

Here we ask the former Attorney General, who resigned under pressure from the revolutionaries and public opinion for his utter failure in the file of martyrs and corruption, why did you not demand these things when you were holding a high position, or did you suddenly notice the necessity of completing the institutions?

Let’s leave this.. and focus on your talk about speeding up the appointment of the attorney general. Does your request mean that there is no attorney general at present, even if he is in charge? Would it not have been better for you to say sarcasm or hypocrisy for the sake of the sanctity of the fellowship and in appreciation of those who succeeded you in the position that you are asking for a renewal? Assigning the current attorney general or appointing a new attorney general?

The spirit of collegiality that we know made it necessary for you to be content with demanding the completion of the institutions of justice, away from being exposed to the appointment of the attorney general and the head of the judiciary.

You are well aware that Mubarak Mahmoud, despite the many barricades that were placed in his path, has continued to achieve great successes that have won the approval of a wide section of the revolutionaries, families of martyrs and prosecutors. The military accused of murder, spoilers and smuggling the symbols of the remnants, and the success that is needed – and it is from God – falls under the framework that every person reaps according to his intentions, and you, more than others, know that our Maulana is blessed, pure inside and does not deal with reactions. They smile at him and thrust their poisoned dagger into his waist by spreading malicious rumors to turn public opinion against him.

It seems that Taj al-Sir al-Habeer, who is considered the most unsuccessful in holding the position of attorney general in recent years, was absent when his colleagues underwent a lesson in the spirit of fellowship and its sanctification, and his demand for the appointment of a public prosecutor shows that inside him is still angry at being forced to step down, and reveals that he is not happy with Mubarak Mahmoud’s successes.

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