Minawi: “The Darfur government may bypass Khartoum if it continues to lag behind.”

El Fasher: Nabd News

The governor of the Darfur region, Minni Arko Minawi, said that the regional government “may bypass Khartoum if it continues to delay in implementing the security arrangements clause.”

At a time when Minawi did not disclose how this transgression was made, an expanded meeting in El Fasher between the regional governor and the five governors discussed the security situation and the issues of displaced people and refugees. The meeting agreed on the need to expedite the security arrangements, even if this was done in isolation from the central government.

Minawi indicated that the joint forces mission was launched in El-Fasher tomorrow, Monday, and the security arrangements file witnessed a noticeable slowdown, and in the past, the armed movements accused the army of not wanting to implement the security arrangements agreement.


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