The Turkish delegation arrives in Sudan to start implementing cooperation agreements in livestock

Khartoum: Pulse News

In implementation of the agreement signed between the Ministries of Livestock Resources and the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, the Turkish technical delegation arrived in the country to examine the field of livestock in Sudan.
The Minister of Livestock Resources Hafez Ibrahim, during his meeting with the Turkish Ambassador Irfan Oglu and the visiting Turkish delegation, that the visit of the Turkish delegation is considered the beginning of joint work between the two countries in the field of livestock and that his ministry is fully prepared to provide everything that has been agreed upon, and we hope that the visit will contribute to more cooperation Between the two countries, we hope that what was agreed upon will be implemented on the ground.
The Turkish Ambassador, Irfan Oglu, praised this step, considering it the beginning of fruitful success, and said that there will be a good road base between the two countries, and that Turkey is ready to provide technical support to various areas of livestock, and that it will contribute to the development of the public and private sector, and praised the press conference held in the ministry, Explaining its importance to confirm the partnership and cooperation between the two countries.
The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Animal Wealth, Dr. Hanan Youssef, and the directors of public administrations and bodies met with the Turkish delegation, and the two sides discussed the steps prepared for the inauguration of technical works between the two sides, which began its agenda today with a visit to the veterinary hospital in Khartoum. And clinics, in addition to the hospital’s contribution to providing training and qualification for technical cadres in veterinary work. The next tour included a visit to the Genetic Resources Department in Hilla Koko, where the delegation was introduced to the functions and competencies of the department, and a visit to the artificial insemination plant, the sperm store and the liquid nitrogen factory in the department.

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