(5,880) billion pounds, the size of the zakat collection of Gedaref, and (119%) the performance rate.

Gedaref: Al-Fateh Daoud
Amidst the wide participation of partners, Zakat payers, and members of the state government, the Secretary-General of the Federal Zakat Bureau, Ahmed Abdullah Othman, inaugurated the activities of the celebration program for the Prophet’s birthday, within the generous giving for the year (2021 AD), whose total expenditure exceeded the barrier 5, 10) Millions c. The program aims to provide direct support to (34,398) citizens of Gedaref State, from the segments of orphans, the elderly, students of Khalawi, and food insurance.
The Federal Secretary-General praised the great efforts that the Zakat Bureau has been making in addressing the imbalances of poverty, and besieging its negative societal regression, which resulted from the harsh economic conditions, which cast their weight on the weak segments of society, especially the poor, the needy, the elderly, widows, needy families, and the low-income, He praised the generous support that the Zakat Office has been giving in
Supporting health and education projects, preventing natural disasters,
The Secretary-General of Gedaref announced the inauguration of the program for the Prophet’s birthday for all the states of Sudan, at a total cost of (600) million pounds, adding that the Zakat Bureau has traditionally celebrated the Prophet’s birthday in its own way, in line with the directives, etiquette and ethics of prophecy based on solidarity, mercy and kindness. On the poor, the needy, the elderly, widows and orphans, stressing the need to maintain the outstanding performance of the Zakat experiment in Gedaref, which was established for success and provided models in quality and comprehensiveness. Rehab Enough and Production, directing the Diwan Administration in El Gedaref, to the need to pay attention to the segments of widows and orphans, and to find the necessary support for them as they are the most deserving of support and attribution to face the bitter economic reality.
Meanwhile, Al-Hadi Muhammad Ahmed, Secretary of the Zakat Bureau in Gedaref, revealed that the collection of levies for the year (2021 AD) had achieved, until the end of August, a barrier of (5.880) billion EGP, with a total performance rate of (119%), of which the actual disbursement was in the range of (3,661) billion, while More than (338,000) thousand families of the state’s citizens benefited from the support in the various exchange axes, and the number of the Zakat trustee in Gedaref was a number of qualitative axes that required the Zakat Bureau to intervene urgently to contain their effects, such as natural disasters, health insurance, education services, treatment bill, and cultivating the border strip, stressing that the Bureau’s strategy is based on a set of goals, the most prominent of which is establishing the values ​​of solidarity, defeating poverty by providing basic requirements, adhering to the principle of justice, transparency, clarity and legal controls in accessing support to the beneficiaries, adding that the exchange and selection mechanism for needy families is carried out Through the basic zakat committees, which were formed in the localities, according to the training regulations approved by the Federal General Secretariat.
The Secretary of Zakat in Gedaref pointed out that Zakat intervenes in containing the flood disaster that struck a number of localities in the state, affecting more than (350,000) families, as well as distributing more than (106,000) thousand mobile phones to me during the last three months.

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