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Alaa Youssef writes: Badr Airlines report.. The way to justice

A few days ago, the media were buzzing with news that Badr Aviation had launched a report against Al-Watan newspaper, represented by my weak personality, and my colleague, Mr. Siddiq Ramadan, was summoned by the prosecution. Through Badr Aviation Company, and this is the point, and this is something that no one can deny for several reasons, including that the former director of customs at Khartoum Airport had stated in front of the media that they had seized approximately 18 kilos of gold inside the Badr Aviation Company plane before the passengers boarded and many other seizures, and also Dear reader, do not forget that Al-Watan newspaper revealed the abuses of the director of Badr Aviation Company, Ahmed Abu Shaira, who enters Khartoum airport with his own car. Hover around this company and its employees.
The administration of Khartoum Airport is also in the crossfire, represented by the airport manager, Mr. Saad. As a matter of knowledge and linking the events, the country revealed that the director of Khartoum Airport and the director of Badr Aviation are “bringing.” We do not know that this is purely a coincidence or is it something intended, especially that the director of Badr Company enjoys wide relations and this A matter that we will discuss, Tata, Tata.”
Those behind these reports should know that Al-Watan newspaper announced early on its willingness to prove that this gold is escaping through this company and its planes, and that all the publication we have done is correct at a rate of 101%, which is a percentage that never accepts error. All the battles, and that credit is from God, and we are now fully prepared to fight the battle of smuggling gold for the sake of the defeated citizen, not for the sake of fame.
The country’s goal was achieved by stopping smuggling through this company, and this is what we hoped and strived for, not targeting as some think. This is the role of the media and the role of the press in exposing the sources of corruption and defending the citizen and his right.
As I mentioned earlier, there was news on some websites regarding the issuance of an arrest warrant against me.. and I ask why it has not been executed until now? And I say and confirm that I am willing to appear before the Public Prosecution Office, the court, and all judicial authorities, to speak only the truth and nothing but the truth.
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Quoted from Al-Watan newspaper

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