A pulse for the homeland.. Ahmed Youssef Al-Tay.. to the colleagues of the real struggle

The archives of paper newspapers and websites abound with a huge amount of honorable articles written by journalists who have never stopped confronting the tyranny of the June 30 coup regime, its tyranny and corruption, and they did not compromise, they did not compliment, they did not fight, they never promoted its falsehoods, and they did not walk behind its fake passengers. Abuse, arrests, and the threat of death sentence in chapters starting with the State Security Prosecution and ending with the Terrorism Court, as well as suspension from writing, many times, and the restriction of livelihood…
These positions, facts, and articles of these conflicting writers, and the high price they paid, are documented, preserved, and all found in the archives and on websites, so whoever wants to verify this, “Google” is ready for service, as the matter was not a constructivist, consumerist talk, but rather completely abstract facts….
These free pens that chose to stand in the face of the tyranny of salvation and its corruption, during the past thirty years, and honestly expressed the pulse of the masses, and their faithful letters felt the places of people’s pain and hopes, and they honestly expressed the great pain, hopes and dreams of a state of citizenship, law, justice and freedom, and confronted the tyranny of the Islamic Front regime with its abstract reality. And revealed his corruption, impostor, falsehood and nakedness in front of public opinion. These pens are able today more than before to target the dark spots within the government of the revolution, and how many are these dark spots that are beginning to unfold now..
This my message I want to address in particular to fellow strugglers who faced corruption and tyranny and whom I know as well as I know myself and my family. My message to them is not to lay down arms, for the battle is still fierce, and there are many enclaves, and there are “offspring” some of them “others”, There are corrupt utilitarians who have put on the mantle of the revolution, so it must be removed from them so as not to get dirty, and there is a “Kizanism” situation in the executive and political bodies represented in previous practices, so it is still wearing the revolution and its veil must be removed so that the change is real that expresses the goals of the revolution and the hopes and aspirations of the people who sacrificed and presented The martyrs, there are “utilitarians” who climbed the walls of the revolution with no history and no struggle. They are now the most screaming and wailing to cover their weak point, and they appear on the communication sites and in the media as if they are guardians of the revolution of the Sudanese people, they meet any criticism of the performance of government ministers with great hostility and immorality in the opponent to prove their loyalty to the revolution And strengthening their positions with “quarek” the agent of insults and intimidation of people from criticizing the government by accusing the “kuzna” and the deep state, and under the dust of these verbal battles and screaming “slaughter” and corrupt practices hide in state institutions, in the same way. The scenario that we lived through in the defeated Islamic Front regime…
I say to the free struggle colleagues to draw your swords, tighten your belts, the road is still long, and be aware that the enemies of the revolution are not the remnants of the defeated regime alone. , shedding light on these dark spots must be a protection for the revolution and a performance evaluation, so that the pretenders of struggle and the opportunists do not intimidate you with shouting, they do not discourage you from your sacred duty towards your homeland, your people and your family. And the leader of the Shambat demonstrations, Caliph Omar Hazrat, who was opening his house to the revolutionaries, feeding and watering them and the demonstrations were at its height, called me and asked me to inform an estimated number of free journalists to honor them in Shambat Square for their stances and honorable struggle against the “rescue” regime. In general, it is necessary to honor these pens, but I dissuaded him from that and told him that these people are not looking for honor or a price for their duty, and I do not think that they care about such a thing, and most of them agreed with me in that. K, when these people were “protective”, people found them the loudest and most affected, and when they “cooled” they left the loud voice for others, as if I were now withdrawing and laying down their weapons….. God, this is my oath in what I possess..
Always put yourself in the position where you would like God to see you, and trust that He sees you at all times.


اظهر المزيد
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