A demand to lift the law of closing the locality of Aqiq in the Red Sea

Port Sudan: Nabad News

Leaders in Aqiq locality, Red Sea state, demanded the immediate lifting of the emergency law in the area and the inclusion of humanitarian organizations and aid.

In a meeting with the Coordination of the Forces of Freedom and Change in the state, the representative of the Resistance Committees, Ali Hamd Dirar, indicated that the government has been procrastinating in raising the emergency order, the continuous procrastination, the absence of development, and the failure to enter organizations even in days of disasters and floods under the pretext of the emergency law and the failure to deliver the services and change committees to the seals until today and the withdrawal of a vehicle from the local From the Empowerment Removal Committee and not to retrieve it, like the rest of the localities.

The meeting concluded to search for the text of the law and the emergency order, the immediate lifting of the emergency law in the event the order is issued by the state government, the joint cooperation between the committee and the coordination until the unjust law is lifted, the escalation of the matter to international organizations if the state government and the center fail to lift the emergency or the law of closed areas.

It is worth noting that the area has been subject to emergency law for two decades, and the regular forces impose restrictions on the movement of citizens and goods and the entry of humanitarian organizations and aid.

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