Police Spokesperson: He demands immunity

Khartoum: Pulse News

Police spokesperson, Brigadier Idris Liman, denied accusing the police of failing to perform its role and demanded that it be granted immunity that would enable it to perform its duty to the fullest.
Liman added in his interview with the program “Attitudes of Events” on Radio My Country 96.6, “The policeman faces criminals and needs to use the required force in confronting them, so he must be fortified by laws that guarantee his protection in performing his role.”
Liman said that the recently launched campaign of challenge led to a decrease in crime rates. The police spokesman pointed to the challenges that hinder their work. Liman attributed some of the reasons for the high crime rates to the economic conditions in the country, and called for the necessity of involving the community and its various institutions in addressing the security imbalances and their causes.

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