Refuses to negotiate with the component in the government to ask Al-Burhan to intervene militarily in the east – Sudan Press

Khartoum: Sudan Press

attacked the head of the Supreme Council of Beja Opticals and Independent Verticals; Muhammad Al-Amin left the civilian component in the transitional government.

leave said; The information they received indicates the request of each of the Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Khaled Youssef, who is famous for his wire; The head of the Baath Party, Qatar, Sudan, Ali Al-Raih Al-Sanhouri; A request from the President of the Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant-General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan; Military intervention to resolve the protests in eastern Sudan.

Turk added, while addressing his supporters to Suakin today, Saturday; He will not enter into any dialogue with the “royalty” in the transitional government, expressing his readiness for dialogue with the military component, calling for bloodshed and the abolition of the eastern path.

He added, “If you want to negotiate with us, they would send Lina al-Kabashi, the defense minister, the commander of support, the army chief, and the head of intelligence, but ownership, not because they have caused harm to the Sudanese.”

Addressing the masses, he added, “People don’t care about your blood,” referring to the military component’s refusal, led by Al-Burhan, to order the order, and announced their refusal to negotiate with the civilian component, indicating that the government should push a delegation from the military component.

He appealed to leave the Supreme Council of Native Administration in eastern Sudan to respect the opinion of the people of the East, and added, “The East is now closed,” and continued, “We do not want sedition, but we do not want to live colonialism and we reject the peace of Juba.”


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