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Based on the law of dismantling the system of the thirtieth of June 1989 and removing the empowerment of the year 2019, the amendment of 2020, and in accordance with the powers granted to the committee, the following was decided:
Redemption of all shares of Muhammad al-Mamoun Abd al-Muttalib
Recovering all money, movables, real estate and property of Muhammad al-Mamoun Abd al-Muttalib
Reservation on plot No. 248, square 12, Al Shati neighborhood – Nile Street – with an area of ​​13.390 square meters
Redemption of the shares of Moataz Muhammad Ahmad Al-Barir and his companies in Al-Salam Hospital Company Ltd
Booking of Ceramin Investment Company Ltd
Open criminal proceedings against:
Muhammed al-Mamun Abdul Muttalib Ibrahim
Adam Awad Allah Adam – Former Minister of Finance in Khartoum State
Abd al-Rahman Ahmad al-Khidr, former governor of Khartoum
Hatem Ali Abu Qarun, former Minister of Infrastructure.
He is Muhammad al-Mamoun Abd al-Muttalib, known by his name Mamoun Abd al-Muttalib. His father was an undersecretary of the Ministry of Commerce during the era of Aboud’s rule, during the era of its minister, Admiral al-Maqbool al-Hajj, and his mother, Mrs. Salma Muhammad Ahmad al-Barir, the eldest daughter of Muhammad Ahmad al-Barir.
He was famous for having a strong connection with the symbols of the ousted regime, most notably the former governor of Khartoum, Abd al-Rahman al-Khidr.

The financial analysis prepared by the Financial Analysis Unit and the Credit Rating and Coding Agency revealed that there are no financing operations in which Muhammad Al-Mamoun is a prime suspect, except for a number of financing operations in which he represents the “guarantor role”, including 3 existing contracts, and 29 expired contracts whose value is ( 2,366.114) two million three hundred sixty-six and 114 euros, and the grantor of all these loans is Qatar Islamic Bank. In addition to the loans granted to the Porcelain Factory as a major debtor, next to Crown Nile Company, Al Fayha United Company, Nobles for Railway Services, and Al Moataz Mohamed Ahmed Al Barir, permanent partner of Loud Al Mamoun.
Muhammad Al-Mamoun worked through partnerships and companies, during which assignments are made from existing partnerships, the creation of new partnerships, and the exchange of shares, the aim of which is to create a state of financial and investment intersection that hides the effects of the operations carried out by the man.

The number of Mohammed Al-Mamoun Abdul Muttalib Ibrahim Hassan Amer’s companies is 25 companies, which were established through the processes of assignment of shares, trading of shares and ownership of each other, and the transfer of shares from a company to a business name, which are:
Abdul Muttalib Ibrahim & Sons Company, which is the first company in which his name appears:
Nobles Investment Group Limited:
It was founded by Al-Fayhaa Limited, Tana Limited, Leaders Limited, and its shares are generally owned by Muhammad Al-Mamoun directly and through his companies. Nobles owns the business names: “Nobles Real Estate, Tana Roads and Bridges Project.”
Tana Management Company Limited:
It is owned by the companies: “Nobles Investment Ltd., Al Fayha United Company, and it owns the business names: “Royal Care Hospital Khartoum, Royal Care Bahri, Royal Care Omdurman, Pal Factory for Aluminum Products”
Crown Tile Integrated Solutions Limited:
SAS Company for Advanced Projects
RAK Ceramics Sudanese Investment Co. Ltd
Ekrima International Trading Co. Ltd
Moon Face Developed Projects Co., Ltd
Elaf Multiple Activities Co., Ltd
Hawazen Services Co., Ltd
Madad Advanced Projects Co. Ltd
Nobles Railway Industry Co., Ltd
Green Help Company for Multiple Activities
Samcom Company for Multiple Activities
Nobles Care Healthcare Corporation
Sanabel Company for Advanced Business Ltd
Sader Company for Advanced Projects Ltd
Orina Integrated Solutions Co., Ltd
Shafak Petrochemical Industry Co. Ltd
Rasan Shipping Co., Ltd
Nobles Agricultural Investment Co., Ltd
Nobles Modern Systems Co., Ltd
Kunooz Iron and Steel Co. Ltd.
*Khartoum State Railways Project:
In 2012, the state of Khartoum signed a memorandum of understanding with the Nobles Railway Industry during the reign of Governor Abdul Rahman Al-Khidr, to implement internal passenger trains, establish stations and import 6 trains with a capacity of 400 passengers, at a financial cost of (127.198,264.83) one hundred and twenty-seven million dollars, one hundred and ninety-eight One thousand and 264.83 US dollars, and without a regular or legal tender, provided that the state pays the contract provider an amount of 10 percent (19,874.684), nineteen million dollars, eight hundred and seventy-four thousand, and 684 dollars.
Later, Khartoum State signed a number of contracts with Nobles for the railway industry, the details of which are:
– A contract for the supply of 6 trains for (29,700,000) twenty-nine million seven hundred thousand US dollars, 10 percent of the value of the contract, then it was later amended after three months to (40.313,250) forty million three hundred and thirteen thousand and 250 US dollars.
The contract included that the state of Khartoum is obligated to pay the full amount of the contract, and receive the trains at the port after inspection at the factory, site, training and operation, and the payment of port fees, provided that the second party “Nobles” is obligated to deliver the trains in Port Sudan in accordance with the specifications, supply spare parts for a year, and ensure the provision of sprites. , and other terms
Khartoum State signed a financing contract with Nobles in the amount of (127.198,264.83) one hundred and twenty-seven million dollars and one hundred and ninety-eight thousand and 264.83 US dollars, of which 10 percent (12,719,874.68) dollars would be paid, and the remaining amount of the financing contract (114,478) would be paid. 872.15 US dollars.
Then, it signed a contract for civil works with Nobles Real Estate for the amount of (48.336,541) forty-eight million three hundred and thirty-six thousand and 541 US dollars, which was amended by Nobles Company in the amount of (89,750.934.55) ninety-eight million seven hundred and fifty thousand and 934.55 US dollars.
Khartoum State has paid its commitment amounting to $57,089,351 including the value of land amounting to 156 plots of land owned by the company.
The contracts concluded between Khartoum State and Nobles Company (314,351.799) amount to three hundred and fourteen million three hundred and fifty-one thousand and 799 US dollars.
In June 2016, the state of Khartoum nominated the plot (248) in the Al-Shati neighborhood of Khartoum – Nile Street – and its area (13.390) square meters, to Nobles in exchange for the advance agreed upon with the state, provided that it be mortgaged to the state of Khartoum, but Nobles sold the plot to the Kuwaiti Sudanese Holding Company Ltd. She requested the release of the mortgage, as she had fulfilled her obligations to the government, in the amount of (123.723,600) Sudanese.
According to the audit report in December 2018, Nobles committed that the value of the contract executed by the company was $32,661,584, with a difference of $57,089,350.55. The report indicated a number of violations in contracts for the supply of locomotives and the implementation of civil works. The Khartoum train project and its tracks, including the multiplicity of contract consultants, the multiplicity of contracts for one project, exceeding the implementation period, disposing of plot (248) in Al-Shati neighborhood – Nile Street – and selling it to the Kuwaiti Sudanese Holding Company Limited, despite it being mortgaged in favor of the Khartoum state without reference to the state, and other violations many.
Based on the foregoing, the contractor has fulfilled all his financial dues under the financing contract, and has not fulfilled his legal obligations under the financing contract, civil works contracts and the train supply contract, if trains were imported in violation of the contract specifications.
The project cost the Khartoum government (480) million US dollars, which the Khartoum state contracted with Nobles in violation of the law of purchase, contracting and disposal of surplus, and the state authorities during the era of Governor Abdul Rahman Al-Khidr violated this law, and Nobles Company for the manufacture of trains gave the contract without a bid or bid, and without It has experience in the relevant projects, as it is a modern company that was established to supply and manufacture trains, and it was filled by Nobles Real Estate Company, both of whom do not have sufficient experience for this type of project.
The reports concluded that the contract with Nobles companies was not backed by any objective and sound contractual factors, only the personal relationship that linked the owner of the company to the Governor of Khartoum Abdul Rahman Al-Khidr, and from here his financial empire and his exorbitant wealth rose, and this project was the main lever for Muhammad Al-Mamoun Abdul Muttalib, And his emergence as a very wealthy businessman.

Nobles City Scheme:
It is a residential scheme owned by three of Muhammad Al-Mamoun’s companies “SAS Building and Construction, Nobles and Tana Management Ltd.”, next to Hazem Company for Trade and Investment, owned by Haji Ali Muhammad Ali, known as “Al-Haddad.” The number of plots in the scheme is 2,989 plots of land with areas ranging from 360-600 meters For each piece, Muhammad Al-Mamoun owns 1,730 pieces, and the rest of the pieces are owned by Al-Haddad.

RAK Ceramics:
It was established in April 2003 as a branch of the UAE company Ras Al Khaimah, one of the largest wall and floor tiles companies in the world, as a partnership between the Emirati company, and it owns 2,400 shares, and the Sudanese investor “Hadi Hassan Al-Fadil”, who owns 600 shares.
In 2015, the ownership of the company devolved to the partners: “Al-Hadi Hassan Al-Fadil, Muhammad Al-Mamoun, Moataz Al-Barer” under the name “Samina” company, and after the tightening of US sanctions on Sudan, Sameena and the Ras Al-Khaimah Emirates Company decided to exit the investment in Sudan, the first decided to sell its share in the factory for an amount (45) million dollars.
Later, Moataz Al-Barir and Muhammad Al-Mamoun entered into the partnership of the Ras Al Khaimah Ceramics Factory, in the name of “Crown”, and the partnership lasted for a year, after which the partners agreed to break up the “Crown” partnership, which owned Ras Al Khaimah Ceramics, Moon Face Company, and a factory. Al-Masah porcelain, bringing the ceramics of Ras Al-Khumeh to Al-Hadi Hassan Al-Fadil, “Royal Care” hospitals by Moataz Al-Barer, and Al-Masah porcelain factory by Muhammad Al-Mamoun. The famous Ras Al-Khaimah Ceramics – A lawsuit was filed by Al-Hadi against the Crown Tile Company, which owns 2,970 shares, which are now reserved by order of the Commercial Court, and a request and the “Madad” company and the “Moon Face” company. A judicial guard, the request was rejected, a criminal ownership report was opened and Al-Hadi Hassan Al-Fadil was arrested, so all the shares of the RAK Ceramics Company became owned by Muhammad Al-Mamoun Abdul Muttalib Ibrahim.
In February 2018, a company was registered in the name of “Ceramin Investments Limited” with founders: Ras Al-Khaimah Ceramics of the United Arab Emirates 99 shares, and Ras Al-Khaimah Ceramics Holding UAE 1 share.
The Board of Directors of the UAE company Ras Al Khaimah decided in November 2018 to establish Ceramin Investment Limited with a capital of 200,000 Sudanese pounds, distributed among the two companies in proportion to the shares, and to open a bank account in its name in First Abu Dhabi Bank, Khartoum branch, or Omdurman National Bank, and authorized Muhammad Al-Mamoun Abd Al-Muttalib Ibrahim Hassan Amer, and Manal Al-Tayeb Muhammad Ahmed, to represent the company in Sudan with full authorization.
The company has no headquarters, assets, movables, or activity, except for a dollar account in Omdurman National Bank in which $11,000 was deposited, with three transactions in favor of Tana Management Limited, during which “money laundering” dollars were sold, with $3,788 remaining in the account.

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