Beja Congress: The revolutionary movement in the east has nothing to do with the coup attempt

Khartoum: Nabad News

The Beja Congress Party affirmed its rejection of the accusations it describes as false about the relationship of the escalating revolutionary movement in eastern Sudan to the coup attempt.

The party added in a statement…

The eastern Sudan region has been neglected since independence and still is, despite its potential, resources and location. The region and its citizens are subjected to injustice, exclusion, impoverishment and neglect in a systematic and planned manner.
Therefore, the Beja Congress Party, since its founding in 1958, as one of the early Sudanese political movements, has called for the establishment of a civil, democratic state, a state of institutions, law and justice based on true federal rule.
The party struggled for the realization of its principles through a peaceful civil struggle through political, organizational and parliamentary action
It turned into an armed struggle for more than 14 years in the face of the former regime, a rejection of totalitarianism and central holding.
Our extended audience
All the successive regimes to rule the country ignored the Beja and the East, despite the Beja Congress’s call since the beginnings of independence for balanced development and the just sharing of power and wealth. The result today is the political, economic, cultural and social marginalization in its many manifestations.
Our steadfast fans
What eastern Sudan is witnessing today of a peaceful revolutionary escalation is a right guaranteed by the law and the constitutional document to express the legitimate rights of the Beja and the East that have been neglected by all the ruling regimes and their politicians, so the social, civil and political components of eastern Sudan set out to take their rights as others by means of revolutionary and civilized means. And as they have always done, they exaggerate that over us, and even falsely accuse the people of the East of what is not in them, to evade responsibility, to blur the mere truth, and to be too belittled. Therefore, we in the Beja Congress party announce the following:
1. Strong rejection of the false accusations of the relationship of the escalating revolutionary movement in eastern Sudan to the coup attempt that took place yesterday.
2. Full support of the Supreme Council of Beja Opticals and the independent and supreme coordinating entities of eastern Sudan in all their demands without compromise.
3. Implementation of the outcomes of the fateful Sankat Conference.

Greetings and salutations to those who hold the embers of the living cause
Salute to the gear and your tongue
Glory and eternity to the martyrs

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Beja Congress Party

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