Congratulations Mubarak Selim.. when the leader is stripped

Khartoum: A friend of Ramadan

For four continuous decades, the head of the Free Lions Party, Dr. Mabrouk Mubarak Selim, has been active and influential in the political and social scene in the country in general and in the East in particular. Since he was a parliamentarian in the era of the third democracy, he has been interested in putting his mark on the nation’s wall and at the same time keen on developing a tribal society Rashaida in the east of the country.
Far from Mabrouk, the politician, activist, minister and businessman, and close to Mabrouk, the community leader, the truth confirms that he is one of the most leaders who have managed to make a big change in the reality of their surroundings. As the man was one of the most prominent who fought the armed struggle in the east against the former regime, up to the Asmara Agreement and the period of partnership, he is considered one of those who had a great influence in the great and remarkable development that occurred in the Rashida during the last four decades.
He played the role of inspiring the youth, and they saw him as a prominent politician in the skies of the country, so many of them took him as a role model, and this pushed them towards education, which remained the most important priority of Dr. Mabrouk, who realized early on that education would lead his clan to development and progress and touch the riches of success at all levels.
For four decades, Mabrouk has been meticulously drawing a map of his footsteps and directing his eyes towards a specific goal he wants to realize. It seems clear to those who follow his biography that he dedicated himself to serving his community, which, with the help of a number of tribe leaders, succeeded in changing his lifestyle by mixing Bedouin life with modernity, to form a community adhering to that. With its legacies and traditions, at the same time, it is open to the other and is economically and politically influential.
The Rashaida today is not the same as yesterday. Their travels in the past were for the sake of grass and grazing for their livestock. Today, their travels are for the sake of education, trade, mining, export and other forms of life. The presence of members of this tribe has become clear and overwhelming, unlike in the past, and this is a shining proof and conclusive evidence that this society witnessed Big development.
Certainly, Dr. Mabrouk has a lot of luck from this progress and the great change that occurred in the life of his clan, and this is the real impact of the leader who succeeds in making a positive contribution to his surroundings.
Few are the leaders who left their clear mark on the wall of their societies, and congratulations are from them, because if we look closely at the biography of many political leaders, we find that they did not succeed in forming an addition to the same society from which they left, but rather many of them denied him and exceeded his station.
Therefore, it is natural for Mabrouk to enjoy a great position among his family, who preserve for the man the goodness of his kindness with them, and even if some disagree politically with him, their respect for his efforts remains firm and an indisputable fact for them. .
I think that the Sudan Camel Bidding Festival, which it sponsors, confirms its foresight, as it seeks, along with a number of Rashaida leaders, to strike more than one bird with one stone. Rashaida It is also a cultural and humanitarian movement that constitutes a great addition to the people of the region.
In conclusion, we find nothing but hope that every leader seeks to have a real presence in his society and visible and tangible effects, as Dr. Mabrouk Mubarak Selim does.

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