Details of the meeting of the board of directors of the island project

Khartoum: Pulse News

The board of directors of the Gezira project formed a committee headed by the Chairman of the Council and the Director of Agricultural Administration to hold an expanded meeting that includes the ministries of finance, agriculture, irrigation and water resources and the Supreme Committee for the success of the agricultural season in the Council of Ministers to address irrigation problems and secure the water needs of summer lug crops and the cultivation of wheat in the winter lug in light of the Council’s decision to finance a crop Wheat is directly funded by the state under the supervision of the project management for this season, with the activation of the agricultural insurance mechanism to ensure the recovery of funding.

The project board held its regular meeting today, headed by Dr. Seddik Abdel Hadi, Chairman of the Board of Directors.
The council listened to a report presented by Engineer Othman Al-Samani, Director of the Agricultural Administration, which dealt with the pros and cons that accompanied the cultivation and harvest of the wheat crop in the last season, the project management plan, the current arrangements for the cultivation of the wheat crop in the new agricultural season, and the position of the summer lug crops this season, which grow well, indicating that this stage is facing Challenges in the field of irrigation due to weak levels and a severe lack of drilling mechanisms to remove silt and weeds.
The Council stressed the importance of preparing economic feasibility studies for the establishment of the Al-Jazirah Project Bank and a private agricultural insurance company in the project to fundamentally address the issues of financing and insurance for farmers.
The Board of Directors approved the semi-annual financial report for the budget for the year 2021. The Board also approved the fees for management services for this season at four thousand five hundred pounds per acre.
The council was briefed on the ongoing steps within the framework of the national campaign for the reconstruction of the island project to maintain and rehabilitate the infrastructure at the level of the project departments.

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