Free Lions celebrates its founding anniversary and initiates security arrangements

Khartoum: Nabad News

The head of the Free Lions Party, Dr. Mabrouk Mubarak Selim, extended an invitation to attend the annual celebration of the Free Lions, in “Nazlat Al-Omda” in the rural locality of West Kassala.

Next Wednesday will witness the celebration at eight in the morning, and it marks the founding day of the Free Lions in 1998, and all Free Lions fighters will be present in the celebration.

The party noted the importance of attendance to coordinate security arrangements, and demanded that militants bring a copy of the national number and hand it over to the Security Arrangements Committee, headed by Colonel Awad Mubarak Selim.

It is worth mentioning that the Free Lions of the organizations that established the Eastern Front alongside the Beja Congress and participated in the armed struggle period that ended in 2006 with the signing of the Asmara Peace Agreement, and the party participated in the December Revolution movement after its withdrawal from participation in the era of the former regime.

Its president, Dr. Mabrouk Mubarak Selim, is the architect of Sudan’s return to the Gulf states. Thanks to his strong relations, he was able to bridge the gap and contributed to a great rapprochement that culminated in the organization of the donors’ conference in Kuwait and opening the door to financing the Gulf countries for a number of development projects in Sudan.

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