Huge losses in Port Sudan due to the closure

Khartoum: Nabad News

Ahmed Mahgoub, director of the General Administration of the Southern Port in Port Sudan, revealed that the port has been closed since September 17 by supporters of the Supreme Council of Beja Opticals, noting that the Beja have a real issue that needs an urgent solution.

In his speech to the program (as follows) on the Blue Nile Channel, he confirmed that the movement in the southern port is fully expected, all loading and unloading operations and associated activities, which led to very large material losses for the state and Sudan as a whole.

Mahjoub said that the container terminal is losing thousands of dollars a day, adding that the central delegation focused on the issue of opening oil pipelines for the state of South Sudan, and also put forward proposals to the Supreme Council of Beja Opticals, which requested a week’s time to respond to them.

The director of the port pointed to the great damage caused to companies, loyalists and diary workers in the port, whose situation has stopped completely, hoping that the crisis will be resolved in the near future.

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