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Khartoum police hit the crime dens hard

Khartoum: Pulse News

The Khartoum State Police continued its efforts to prevent crime and discover what is happening from it through plans that have been developed to besiege crime and dry up its sources, such as prevention campaigns, joint campaigns that combat negative phenomena. Accused filed against them communications under various legal articles, in the jurisdiction.
In Umbada local police, the investigations of Umbada North Department managed to recover part of the stolen items that were tied up against an unknown person, on yesterday, in which the complainant stated that an unknown person had managed to steal (5) phones of different types, worth (400/000) thousand pounds, at his house and Through the search, the accused was arrested and in possession of two (2) Samsung phones and a Huawei Tab.
The Kandahar Market Investigations also managed to arrest a suspect residing in Dar Al-Salaam area, Square 23, in possession of counterfeit sums of money, in Dar Al-Salaam Kandahar Market.
According to the follow-ups of the police press office, the investigations of the local market police department were able to pay the complaint with the number 5060 under Article 174 BC, in which the complainant stated that a person had managed to steal a sum of money and a knife from his shop, where
The accused was arrested and upon being investigated, he confessed to the theft. Accordingly, the money and the knife were brought and displayed in the report. In Bahri locality, a report was received to the Safia Police Department, in which the complainant stated that the defendant was able to loot 2 phones of different types, in the central market area Shambat. The police reported that the accused was arrested by the department’s investigations in the central market, with one phone in his possession.

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