Kush Liberation Movement: “The Charter of the Friendship Hall is left behind by the remnants”

Khartoum: Nabad News

The Sudanese Kush Liberation Movement, led by Muhammad Daoud Bandak, announced that what happened in the Friendship Hall of the procedures for signing a document in the name of the forces of freedom and change from some bodies and some remnants behind them is nothing but a return from the true line of the revolution and a reversal of the goals of the constitutional document and the Juba Peace Agreement.
She indicated in a statement.

The name of Osama Ibrahim Dahab was mentioned among the signatories to the document, knowing that he was separated from the Kush Liberation Movement. With this, we declare that the position of the Kush Movement leadership is full support for the transitional government and support for the Alliance for Freedom and Change in accordance with the Charter of September 8, which includes the real forces that signed the Charter of Freedom and Change and the Juba Peace Agreement .

Apostasy is impossible, and the revolution continues and is civilian.
NS . Hassan Breima Seliya
Media Secretary and Official Spokesperson
Sudanese Kush Liberation Movement
Member of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front

Saturday 10/2/2021

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