Accidents and crime

Urgent… The police arrested 4 people accused of robbing the house of leader Ismail al-Azhari.

Khartoum: Pulse News

Khartoum State Police investigations managed to arrest four suspects accused of stealing various items from the home of the former Sudanese president, Ismail al-Azhari. Among the stolen items were an antique sword, an antique wall clock and a silver crown. The value of the stolen goods is estimated at one million seven hundred and ninety thousand pounds (1,790,000 pounds).

The details of the report, which was opened on 9/9/2021 AD in Omdurman, state that an unknown person managed to enter the house and stole it, and immediately a research team was formed under the supervision of the Director of the Criminal Investigation Department. The four defendants who confessed to committing the crime, and by searching their homes, the exhibits were found, and legal measures were taken.

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