An international technical team examines (100) video clips to break up the sit-in

Khartoum: Wejdan Talha
The head of the Independent Investigation Committee in the General Command’s sit-in, Dr. Nabil Adeeb, told (Al-Sudani), that the External Technical Support Committee handed over more than (100) video clips of the sit-in dispersal for examination.
Adeeb confirmed that the external team began preparing reports about it to be handed over to the sit-in dispersal committee.
Nabil Adeeb said that they asked the external support team to hand over the report as soon as possible without compromising the accuracy of the examination.
He added: “The external technical team has seen the videos and other things that fall under the secrecy of the investigation. We believe that they have evidentiary value in what we are investigating.”
Adeeb pointed out that the parties that the Prime Minister communicated with, d. Abdullah Hamdouk, confirmed her assistance to the committee, and explained that the issues related to the agreement with those parties are carried out by the Prime Minister.

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