A committee headed by Hamdok to communicate with the military component over the issue of eastern Sudan

Khartoum: Nabad News

The Council of Ministers held its regular meeting No. (34) this morning, headed by Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk, Prime Minister.

At the beginning of his work, the Council of Ministers had mercy on the martyr of the armed forces, Sergeant Muhammad Omar al-Shami, one of the martyrs of the Special Forces, who was counted by the country yesterday while performing his duty to provide for the country, where the Council recorded its praise and appreciation for the role of the joint forces and their efforts in defeating terrorism and extremism.

The Minister of Interior, Lieutenant-General Ezzedine Al-Sheikh, gave a statement on the security situation in the country, pointing to the monitoring of some terrorist groups since last September 28 in the Jabra region and their besieging and the entry of these terrorist cells into a confrontation with the joint force, where some of its employees were arrested, and a martyr from the armed forces was counted. Pointing out that the joint force was able to control the situation. His Excellency pointed out the importance of making an extra effort to control the foreign presence in the country and oversight while making practical arrangements through relations with countries to control security, as well as reviewing laws and policies in this field.

After deliberation, the Council of Ministers instructed all concerned parties to immediately stop and coordinate between the various state institutions to develop a strategy to regulate the foreign presence in the country.

The Council of Ministers also deliberated on the issue of the east of the country and the closure of the port and the national road linking the Red Sea state with the rest of the country, and the Council renewed its insurance on the justice of the issue of the east and its priority as it is linked to the political, social and development issues of the citizens of the east of the country.

The Council of Ministers renewed the warning and alert to the effects and repercussions of the port closure and road closures on the country, and issued a decision to form a committee headed by Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdok and the membership of a number of gentlemen and women ministers to contact the military component of the Sovereignty Council to agree on practical solutions to the file.

The Council of Ministers has approved the draft amendments to the following laws related to the revised budget, which are:

_ Customs Law for the year 1986 AD, amended for the year 2021 AD.
_ Production tax law for the year 1998 AD, amending the year 2021 AD.
_ The Supplementary Tax Law of 1998 AD, amended for the year 2021 AD.
The Value Added Tax Act of 2001, amended for the year 2021.

*Cabinet notification*
* October 5, 2021 AD *

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