A group of gold companies stopped and workers fled due to the East crisis

Khartoum: Pulse News

The Association of Mining Companies sounded the alarm, revealing that a group of gold companies had stopped prospecting on the Red Sea mountain range, three weeks ago.

A member of the union, who preferred to withhold his identity, according to Al-Harak newspaper, issued on Monday, attributed the matter to the interruption of supplies of work aids for both workers and mechanisms, which are food, water, and gasoline, in addition to the difficulty of providing spare parts, due to the severe siege imposed by supporters of leaving over eastern Sudan.

He revealed that workers in the companies fled after they stopped working, fearing for themselves of loss and destruction, especially as they find it difficult to obtain food and drink, and therefore they left the mechanisms in the open mining areas alone, which he said raised the ceiling of fear and anxiety among the owners of those companies for what could be Its property is subjected to looting and theft, especially in light of the lack of security and stability in the Red Sea.

From his side, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Minerals, Abdullah Koda, absolved his ministry of responsibility for the Red Sea mining companies’ stopping production of gold.

Abdullah told the newspaper that what gold companies suffer from is not the responsibility of the ministry alone, but rather it is a problem of an entire country and a political crisis in the first place, and the government must address it, adding that the country is now surrounded by crises in all respects of all kinds, political, economic and security, and in principle he wondered what is the benefit If we deal with the problems of mining companies and the national roads are closed by the people, and he continued that the issue of mining companies does not worry them more than the conditions the country is going through now, and to conclude what concerns me and bothers us now is what the country is going through today in terms of political tension.
Al-Harak newspaper

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