Chairman of the Aviation Sector Dismantling Committee: “We are not aware that Sudaner did not deliver letters of termination of service.”

Khartoum: Baladna Airlines

The head of the Empowerment Committee in the aviation sector, Captain Adel Al-Mufti, denied his knowledge that the management of the Sudan Airways Company did not deliver letters of termination of service to all those whose names appeared in the disclosure of the Higher Committee for Empowerment Removal.

He revealed in an interview with Nabd News that the statements of those whose service in the aviation sector is terminated are handed over to the Ministers of Defense and Transport by virtue of their jurisdiction, indicating that Sudanir’s disclosure was received by the Minister of Transport, who in turn handed it over to the Director of Sudan Airways, who the Mufti said was supposed to deliver the letters to all those who received them. Their names are in the statements from the fact that this is the decision of the Supreme Committee to remove empowerment.

On how to determine those whose service was terminated in Sudaner, the Mufti indicated that the committee had hired fifteen people known for their honesty and integrity in Sudan Airways who took the oath so as not to wrong anyone. Empowerment, and they completed their work after they attached in each file the required documents, which the Mufti said were subjected to examination and scrutiny by the Higher Committee for Empowerment Removal.

Noting that the upcoming statements related to Sudanir will witness the emergence of names related to the former regime, especially those who obtained jobs through empowerment and those who meet the criteria of the Supreme Committee.

On the exposure of some of those who were dismissed from the aviation authority to injustice, the mufti said that the most dangerous union during the era of the former regime was with the aviation authority, and indicated that those included in the decision were some of them members of unions during the last period.

Captain Adel Al-Mufti confirmed that the right to appeal is guaranteed to all, stressing that the doors of the Higher Committee for Empowerment Removal receive every complainant and grievance.

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