Finance Minister: There is no way to support production without supporting small industries

Khartoum: Pulse News

The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr. Jibril Ibrahim, said that there is no way to increase production without generous support for entrepreneurship and small and medium industries. The Minister of Finance, during his address to the Small Industries, Craftsmanship and Entrepreneurship workshop, stressed his ministry’s keenness to develop small and craft industries, and indicated that funds were allocated to finance them in the budgets. coming.
The minister revealed that the issue of financing small and medium industries was discussed in all of their previous meetings with international financial institutions, and that this matter was at the forefront of the issues being addressed, stressing their quest to provide guarantees for financing this sector, creating job opportunities and advancing production through the agency announced by the Minister of Industry.
The Minister of Finance affirmed his confidence in the information received at the opening session of the workshop, stressing the need to seek to revive the economy, increase national income in Sudan and provide jobs for a large number of young people and the women sector.

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