Police: The presence of citizens during the implementation of security operations exposes them to danger and catastrophic losses

Khartoum: Nabad News

Police spokesman Brigadier Idris Abdullah Liman affirmed that security is an essential foundation for growth and development in any country, and life would not be right without it.
In his speech to the program (as follows) on the Blue Nile channel, he indicated that the description of what is happening now as lawlessness is inaccurate, but rather they are very disturbing criminal phenomena, and he said that the police forces played a major role in the recent events and did everything in their power to limit the effects of these dangerous phenomena, stressing that the phenomenon of the nine is long. And other criminal phenomena, and Brigadier General Lehman reassured the citizens and said that security is fine and the Sudanese society is fine and stands behind its security services and helps them in combating these phenomena, alerting citizens to the danger of their presence in the places where security operations are carried out, which exposes them to danger and losses will be catastrophic, God forbid. He added that terrorism is an old phenomenon, stressing that the Ministry of Defense The interior and the police forces are fully aware of the difficult conditions that Sudan is going through and the problems on the various borders, and he said that the police have a specialized department for terrorism affiliated with the security police and have large participations in all regional and international events.

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