“300” lawyers announce their support for the Empowerment Removal Committee

Khartoum: Nabad News

The national and legal lawyers who called this evening, Wednesday, to the headquarters of the committee to dismantle the regime of the thirtieth of June 1989, after the decision issued by the Appeals Committee of the Supreme Court, announced their strong support and support for the committee regarding all its decisions.
Lawyers and jurists, “more than three hundred lawyers and jurists,” demanded more decisions to dismantle the justice system, from the judiciary, the prosecution, the Ministry of Justice, and the entire security system.
The lawyers stated that the appeals department’s decision is part of a major plan to demolish the civil state, obstruct the democratic transition, and abort the glorious December revolution.
The lawyers said that the law of dismantling specified the methods of appealing the decisions of the committee, through the Appeals Committee, which considers the decisions of the Committee, and the Appeals Chamber considers the decisions of the Appeals Committee, and since the Appeals Committee did not issue a decision, the decisions of the Appeals Chamber exceeded a very important stage, which is the stage of appeal Therefore, the jurisdiction of the Judicial Chamber of Appeals did not fall.
The meeting was attended by the head of the Empowerment Dismantling Committee, Mr. Muhammad Al-Faki Suleiman, the committee’s rapporteur, Mr. Salah Manna, and the committee member, Mr. Wajdi Saleh, and Taha Othman..
The lawyers confirmed that their meetings with the Empowerment Removal Committee will continue to support and support it.

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