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Muhammad Othman Al-Rida writes… The electronic passport crisis

The series of suffering of Sudanese citizens in obtaining an electronic passport continues, as evidenced by the endless queues in police compounds for public services in the state of Khartoum and worse, and the matter is some of the unconvincing justifications that officials pay in order to justify their inability to solve the crisis

The citizen is completely not concerned with these pasty payments that the Ministry of Finance has not fulfilled its financial obligations to import raw materials for the manufacture of the electronic passport, and the citizen only knows his right to obtain the electronic passport after completing his procedures and paying the prescribed fees for that
The fees for the electronic passport were 3000 thousand pounds, which was raised to 10000 thousand pounds, on the pretext that it is not sufficient to cover the costs of manufacturing the electronic passport. Despite this, the electronic passport was not provided.

Koshait Company is one of the companies affiliated with the police forces. Its board of directors is headed by the Director General of the Police Forces, First Lieutenant General Khaled Mahdi, and is responsible for manufacturing the electronic passport and the national card, after importing raw materials from abroad.

Koshait owns the largest factory for the manufacture of electronic passports in Africa, equipped with modern German-made machines, and it is able to manufacture the electronic passport at any time when raw materials are available, but the strange thing is that there is a very suspicious secrecy to this factory and prevents the complete prevention of entry to it and all my attempts to visit it for documentation have failed For this great achievement

There are many questions and puzzling questions that jump to mind why journalists are prevented from visiting the factory? What is the police force command hiding all this information about this factory from public opinion? Does this factory make other dangerous things besides the electronic passport? Collectively, we direct all these questions to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Koshait Company, the Director General of the Police Forces, Lieutenant-General Khaled Mahdi, and we hope that we will find the satisfactory and sufficient answers, if any.

The police complexes for public services have turned into a pavilion for mourning due to the sorrows and suffering of citizens due to their failure to obtain the electronic passport after completing the procedures, especially those with special cases of patients and expatriates who will lose their residency due to the difficulties of extracting the electronic passport

The assurances that the Minister of the Interior, the Head of the Passports and Civil Registry Authority, and the Director of the Passports General Administration give, with the aim of approaching the time of the end of the crisis, are of no value, because they are not practically translated on the ground. Therefore, the citizen does not pay attention to it, because reality defeats it completely.

There is no doubt that there are mythical efforts made by officers and non-commissioned officers working in the public services complexes in order to provide services to citizens and they work in extremely complex conditions and a compelling work environment

Definitely this crisis will open the door to corruption and spoilers by crisis dealers and weak-minded people and brokers to exploit citizens by paying imaginary sums for the purpose of obtaining the electronic passport.

It is necessary to print the electronic passport in the embassies of Sudan in countries with a high density of Sudanese expatriates, and this will contribute in a large way to alleviating pressure on the factory in Khartoum, in addition to allocating printing machines to the states

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