The Chamber of Importers for “Pulse News”: 65 million dollars in daily losses due to the closure of the ports

Khartoum: Pulse News

The head of the National Chamber of Importers, Shehab El-Tayeb, revealed direct losses daily “65” million dollars, due to the closure of the ports, with indirect and unforeseen losses represented in the world losing its confidence in commercial dealings with Sudan due to the failure to deliver and receive exports and imports on time.
Shehab told “Nabd News”, that all imports were affected by the closure of the ports, both petroleum and medicine imports, which were more than 500 million dollars per month.
Pointing out that the closure of the ports entails penal conditions and many damages, including direct material damages amounting to more than “65” million dollars per day, and indirect and imperceptible damages now, such as the loss of the world’s confidence in Sudanese exports for not continuing the delivery.

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