Khaled Selk: “Hemedti’s statements about the dependence of the security services are a violation of the constitutional document.”

Khartoum: Pulse News

Minister of Cabinet Affairs Khaled Selk wrote on his Facebook page, commenting on Hamdati’s statements about the dependence of the security apparatus and the police, and wrote:

The statements of the First Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council about the subordination of the security and police services to the military, in which there is a clear violation of the constitutional document, which clearly states in Article 36 that the police are subject to the executive authority and in Article 37 that the intelligence service is subject to the sovereign and executive authorities, and never provided for any exclusive subordination of the military to any from the two devices.

The task of developing and reforming the security and military apparatus is a fundamental task in determining the success of the civil democratic transition, and this statement constitutes a direct threat to the fulfillment of the obligations and tasks of the Constitutional Document, which we will address seriously and firmly.

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