Urgent.. Troika countries call for lifting the blockade of ports in Sudan

Khartoum: agencies

The United States, Britain and Norway called on Friday for an end to the blockade of ports and transport infrastructure in eastern Sudan.

In a joint statement, the so-called troika supported the civilian-led transitional government in urging political talks to end the protests in the east, which they said threaten Sudan’s economy and people.

“Political leaders in eastern Sudan must accept their government’s offer to solve their problems through concrete political dialogue, rather than engage in actions that will only harm the country’s economy,” the statement said.

Members of the Beja tribes in eastern Sudan have closed roads and forced the Red Sea ports to close in recent weeks in protest against the region’s lack of political authority, they said, and the deteriorating economic conditions in the region.

Sudan’s cabinet said in a statement on Sunday that the country’s stocks of essential medicines, fuel and wheat are about to run out after protests caused the closure of Port Sudan, the main port in the east of the country.

“Despite realizing that this is an internal issue, the troika urges the international community to fully support the efforts of the Sudanese government to resolve this issue and end the ongoing siege,” the statement said.

The governments of the United States, Britain and Norway signed the 2020 Juba Peace Agreement in a sign of political support for the agreement, which was seen as a breakthrough in a conflict that has seen pro-government factions and forces clash with mostly non-Arab rebels.


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