Nabil Adeeb explains to Nabd News the fact that Dalfki refused to testify about the dispersal of the sit-in

Khartoum: Nahid Saeed

The head of the investigation committee into the sit-in dispersal of the General Command, “Nabil Adeeb,” denied making any statement regarding Sovereign Member Muhammad al-Faki and Minister of Industry Ibrahim al-Sheikh regarding the dispersal of the sit-in.

In an interview with Nabd News, he confirmed that he did not make statements about people, and expressed his surprise at the talk that was circulated in this range, which was declared untrue.
He said that if the committee knew that anyone who had information about the sit-in dispersal, it would pay great attention to it, and would summon him to investigate him.

A post was widely circulated on social media claiming that Nabil Adeeb confirmed that Sovereign Council member Mohamed El Faki refused to testify before the committee.

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