Secret visit of Abdel Rahim Dagalo and Mirghani Idris to Tel Aviv

Khartoum: Nabad News

It was reported that Sudanese and Israeli media reported on Friday evening that a Sudanese security delegation is currently visiting Israel, headed by a senior officer.
In turn, the Israeli Army Radio quoted Israeli officials as saying that the Sudanese security delegation had already returned to Khartoum.
For its part, the Israeli (Kan) channel quoted Arab reports as saying: “A Sudanese security delegation recently made a secret visit to Israel, which included two senior officers: Abd al-Rahim Dagalo, commander of the Rapid Intervention Forces, and Lieutenant-General Mirghani Idris Suleiman, director of the Sudanese defense industries system.

According to the Hebrew sources, the delegation discussed with senior Israeli officials the consolidation of relations between the two countries.

In turn, Al-Arabiya TV said that the delegation spent two days in Israel to discuss bilateral relations, without providing further details or specifying the Sudanese officials who visited.
Israel and Sudan agreed to normalize relations last year as part of the US-led Abraham Accords. However, the development of relations was slower than with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Morocco, all of which Israel also normalized relations with.

In an interview last month, the Sudanese foreign minister downplayed the importance of relations and said that there are currently no plans to establish an Israeli embassy in Khartoum.

However, in April, the cabinet repealed Israel’s boycott law, and last month Sudanese authorities confiscated the assets of companies linked to the Hamas movement that rules the Gaza Strip.

The normalization agreement still needs the approval of the Sudanese parliament, but this has not yet been approved, as the country is still in the transitional stage of power after the military coup.

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