A women’s organization opens a school in Shikan locality

Khartoum: Pulse News
The village of Adidat, in the administration of Al-Baraka, Shikan locality, celebrated the opening of the elementary school of the village, which was implemented by the Minarets International Feminist Organization, in the presence of the administrative director of Kazekil, the mayors, the civil administrations, and education leaders in the administration
Engineer Tayseer Yousef Al-Jabali, Director of Minarets International, explained the organization’s interest in supporting the women and children sector, and congratulated the completion of creating the school environment in the region, enumerating the organization’s fields of work and emphasizing the provision of seating, furniture and solar energy.
Mr. Al-Dokhry Mohamed Abdullah, Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the celebration, praised the efforts of those in charge of constructing the school, which is a real addition to supporting education in the region.
Professor Jumaa Idris, the educational supervisor at the Baraka administration, referred to the efforts appreciated by the organization in constructing the school, calling for supporting basic services and supplementing the shortcomings.
Mayor Youssef Hassan Madani, the mayor of Al-Baraka administration, praised the organization’s effort in supporting educational services, stressing on activating the popular effort and complementing roles with civil society organizations to develop the educational process
Mr. Nasr El-Din Abdel-Wahab, Secretary General of the organization, referred to the organization’s interventions in the areas of Al-Hoja to support basic services and urged citizens to pay attention to educating young people and preached the establishment of an integrated therapeutic day in the region to serve the citizens.

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