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Shaker Mokhtar writes: Al Jazeera.. the people want and Nadia Al-Tohamy does not

And lectin wastes the sweat of the foreheads, the smell of fennel, in its broth
Ah Janura Oh

The Corona pandemic has threatened the whole world and disturbed the sleep of major countries, not to mention the countries of my poor country, like our lame country.
And let us not forget the frightening numbers of souls who have left Corona sufferers due to the lack of oxygen, and also let us not forget the huge sums that were spent on obtaining oxygen, and in adversity and adversity, civil society organizations are active in support and support for the executive bodies and the minerals of the children appear, and here is our horse stall
(The Association of Abnaa Wadmani in the State of Qatar) and it is enough
You do not need to introduce
But what I would like to point out is that despite the achievements of these righteous people, which the state government and the center were unable to achieve, nevertheless, an integrated oxygen plant was brought in that sufficed the state’s needs and was abundant, and we saw it with our own eyes and it was an event and a modern one. Unfortunately, the government media did not pay any attention to him
Now what hinders the installation of units and stands in the way of saving lives is the intransigence of the Director General of the Ministry, Ms. Nadia Al-Tohamy, and her lack of revolutionary spirit.
How cheap is the lives of citizens? Two months of slander and slander, despite the governor of the island directing the finances to pay the value of the electricity transformer!
Four and a half million of our collapsed currency Nadia refused to believe to save lives! He reasoned that the Empowerment Removal Committee had suspended its work, and if that was the case, the Empowerment Removal Committee would go without any regrets.
But it is really unfortunate, according to my interlocutor, that the project will be canceled and the factory transferred outside the state!
Unless the First Lady of Finance is satisfied and the papers are stamped with her signatures within the next two days.

Really miserable state!

And about the central laboratory at Wadmani Educational Hospital, which has been suspended for more than two years, and the attempt by Madani’s sons to bring him back to life, it is not pleasant to talk until after taking high doses of painkillers.

The people want the island government to be dissolved

This land is ours

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