The World Bank confirms its support for the federal transition in Sudan

Khartoum: Pulse News
The World Bank’s public sector expert, Lubna Ahmed, affirmed their support for Sudan in its transitional period and the stage of democratic transition that Sudan is going through.

The representative of the World Bank said when meeting with the First Undersecretary of the Federal Government at the ministry’s headquarters today that the meeting discussed the challenges facing balanced development in Sudan.

The meeting also dealt with the importance of financial federalism in Sudan, stressing their agreement with the Ministry of Federal Government on the importance of providing the best possible services to the citizen within the limits of resources.

Ahmed indicated that the meeting came as part of the visit of the World Bank mission on governance and public institutions to Sudan over a period of two weeks, with the aim of discussing the financial reform processes and the implementation of the decisions of the Juba Peace Accords, on top of which is the issue of financial federalism.

The First Undersecretary of the Federal Government, Dr. Muhammad Saleh Yassin, described the meeting as fruitful, as it included all directors of departments in the Federal Government, envoys and experts of the World Bank in the areas of governance and federalism.

Yassin indicated that the meeting also discussed how to distribute, allocate and monitor revenues, as well as how to make a charter between the citizen and the government on the government’s commitment to provide basic services in return for the citizen to pay his dues and taxes, in addition to the dialogue on determining the financial relations between the different levels of governance between the systems. regional, local and federal.

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