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Wake up, gear.. Bashir Arbaji.. We want representatives of the army other than you, Burhan

Since the war of media statements erupted between the military component of the Transitional Sovereignty Council (the Deposed Security Committee) and the civilians, representatives of the glorious December revolution in the council itself, the President of the Sovereignty Council continues to continue his war against the representatives of the glorious revolution, whether they are in the Transitional Sovereignty Council or members of the Council of Ministers from the civilian side. And Burhan and his deputy, without describing Hemedti, continue to attack and talk about expanding participation by Al-Burhan or dissolving the government and forming a government of competencies, as his deputy says Hemedti, which is a disgraceful interference in a matter that does not concern the two of anything and it would not have happened if Al-Burhan and Hemeti had adhered to their powers stipulated in the document. However, since they hijacked the files of foreign relations and through which the proof printed the country’s relations with Israel, and the leaders of the armed forces went behind him, and since Hemeti hijacked the peace file and held meetings with some movements in Chad and other countries, no one from the civilian side, whether sovereign or ministerial, confronted them. Therefore, Burhan and his deputy think that they can even interfere in the formation of the executive authority and even talk about colleagues in the Transitional Sovereignty Council who have the same opinion. The constitutional weight of the two, and Askar (the security committee of the ousted al-Bashir) kept trying to impose their conditions and expand in the files of the ministry run by Dr. Hamdok how they wanted, but for the matter to come with proof to demand the expansion of the executive authority and the addition of the remnants who met in the Friendship Hall to it, this is unconstitutional and has nothing to do with it. Absolutely, and to support the closure of the national road and the ports of eastern Sudan on the pretext that it is a sit-in against the right of citizens to the extent that he left saying that the proof did not contact him to open the road. This is a very clear setback against the glorious December revolution, and we say it to you clearly. We respect it, which protected the revolutionaries on April 6, 7, and 8, 2019 in front of the General Command. It is represented by us, Hamid and his companions, and those who were martyred for the dignity and honor of our Canada, and not from those who sat watching a militia that killed them and raped women and the feast is at the doors, but you are at that tragic moment. You did not even represent the morals and upbringing of the Sudanese when you allowed them what happened to happen.
In general, we also as a Sudanese people do not see that you represent the military institution that the martyr Major General Muhammad Othman Hamid Karrar said (the armed forces are an institution that protects, does not threaten, preserve and does not dissipate), and we also want it to protect the people according to the oath and the constitution, and not forces that threaten the people and their representatives with civil authority, and we want them To preserve the country’s resources and not to trade in live meat, hibiscus, watermelon and gold, and the most important part of this trade is in the future of the country itself without deterrence. And you claimed that you are supporters of the revolution and its protectors. You only represent us (the security committee of the ousted al-Bashir), and we see in you only defendants who have not yet been proven guilty of the worst crime committed in modern times.

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