Engineer Jaafar Muhammad Muhammad Adam writes: “You left and saw you”???!!!

* It is known necessarily that the correct diagnosis of any dilemma (a bug, a problem, an issue and others) is the correct beginning that leads to the correct treatment and vice versa.
For example, if the doctor is satisfied with the apparent symptoms of the disease and does not accurately diagnose the case in terms of the medical history of the case, family, nature and working conditions, etc., then he is a failure and therefore his medical prescription is unsuccessful and may lead to the exacerbation of the disease or death instead of treatment.
* Likewise are the politicians and rulers of negligence who climbed the revolution and stole it openly during the day with apparent opportunism and blatant accessibility even without the minimum elements of experience and the necessary competence, in addition to their lack of knowledge, awareness, and imbibition with the cultures, customs and traditions of the authentic Sudanese societies, where they imbibed and drank the limit of drunkenness from others in thought, behavior and appearance.

* This group or the airborne group, who has lost an idea, a will, and a culture, is not able to rule and control indigenous peoples that are well-established in this land for more than seven thousand years, civilization, leadership, culture and customs. The mountains and valleys. The Beja are the makers of history, ancient, modern and present. The archers of the gaze, the protectors of the East, who defeated and humiliated the British Empire at the height of its greatness.

* You left this behind and saw it???!!!

After all this opulent wealth, solid originality and eternal glory, someone comes to say and ask this ridiculous question with negative connotations firmly rooted in the minds and conscience of the people of the center from the elites and the public, and no one is excluded. He left and saw a phrase that confirms what is certain in their subconscious mind of the Safavid, arrogance, belittling and the inferior look of the Beja.
O you wanderers who revel in your rebellion, your ignorance, and your ignorance, We answer you and do not inform you like an expert:
He left behind history, civilization and daring. He left behind men blocking the eye of the sun. He left behind a living issue and an entire territory. If the sea crossed them, they would have fought it, not one of them would be left behind. Do not demonize the beholder. Do not get confused and do not deviate from the irrefutable facts. By God, it is one of two options:
As for a life that pleases a friend,
And death enrages the enemy
We will return.


اظهر المزيد
زر الذهاب إلى الأعلى